Local Perceptions of (In)security in the Sahel

Insecurity in the Sahel region of Africa stems from multiple severe, violent local and trans-national conflicts that continue to expand to new areas in the region. These conflicts strongly deteriorate the quality of life of local populations. In order to understand the complex causes and effects of these conflicts, listening to local communities is crucial.

Together with Just Future’s local partners in Mali and Niger, Alliance partner SIPRI surveys local populations bi-annually over the course of 5 years to glean information about perceptions of safety and security, and whether communities in various areas feel protected from violence. These surveys have resulted in the perception studies for Mali and Niger linked below.

The information from these perception studies is used by communities in their dialogue with local authorities to discuss security threats and how to resolve them. The data is also used by Just Future partners in their analyses, discussions with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the UN, regional bodies (ECOWAS, AU, EU), embassies and national governments. Using this evidence base, the Alliance lobbies for policy changes at various levels, from the local through the regional to the global level, that promotes and improves safety and protection for civilians in Mali and Niger.

Below the links to the Survey and Policy Paper on Mali:

Below the links to the Survey and Policy Paper on Niger:

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