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The Just Future Alliance

Just Future is a 5-year Alliance program implemented in 6 countries, and is funded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands.

Just Future’s vision is of a world in which all people in fragile states benefit from more accessible, responsive and accountable security and justice institutions, and more inclusive arrangements for political governance and peace-making.


Civil society can and must play a transformative role in ensuring that the voices of all people are heard by those with power – especially the voices of women, young people, and other excluded groups.

In numerous countries, the opportunities for autonomous action are diminishing, and civil society groups are frequently fragile. Consequently, the viewpoints of the most marginalized are rarely represented in the policies and actions of security, justice, and governance actors, as well as in international policy discussions that determine priorities and resource allocation.

To address this challenge, strengthen the capacity of civil society to lobby and advocate for the interests of citizens and to hold those in power accountable Just Future program was established in 2021.

What is the Just Future program?

Just Future, a 5-year program led by the Alliance of international and local NGOs and civil society organizations, will strengthen the capacity of civil society in fragile contexts to demand more accessible, responsive and accountable security and justice institutions, and more inclusive political governance and peace-making, from the local and national level, to the regional and international arena.

The JF program aims to establish an inclusive partnership of international and local civil society organizations that enables our constituencies (women, youth, IDPs and other vulnerable groups) to advocate for their demands.

A word from our constituents

“The Alliance is an ambitious program that will certainly contribute to more inclusive governance that is more sensitive to the situation of vulnerable people in the region, particularly internally displaced persons.”
Issa Kansaye
Mayor of Mopti, Mali

six fragile countries

Just Future is active in 6 of the world’s most fragile countries: Afghanistan, Burundi, DRC, Mali, Niger and South Sudan. In each of these countries, civic space for civil society is under pressure. Each is affected by chronic and widespread insecurity and injustice. Women, young people, displaced people, and identity-based groups are often excluded from positions of power, and are disproportionately affected by the fragility and conflict. Many are plagued by protracted violence, whether between the state and armed groups, or between ethnic or social groups.

Next to the prevalence of violence, many of these countries are affected by the intersecting dynamics and pressures of climate change, economic uncertainty, ethnic tension, migration, and disaffected, growing youth populations.

These dynamics obstruct efforts by fragile states to achieve SDG16 on peaceful, just and inclusive societies, and contribute to persistent conflict and instability, entrenched poverty, and inequality.

Our Alliance

The programme is funded by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) under the Power of Voices policy framework. The Strategic Partnership is implemented by an alliance of six consortium partners (ASSN, Cordaid, Search for Common Ground, TLO, WANEP and WIPC), three research institutes (RVI, SIPRI and VVI) and network organisation CSPPS, and over thirty civil society organisations in the six programme countries, and in collaboration with MFA as a strategic partner.

The Just Future Alliance consists of 6 international and regional NGOs and civil society organizations, 3 research organizations and a network partner. All Alliance partners work together at local, national and regional level with local organizations in each of the countries in which Just Future is active.

Focus areas

The main objective of Just Future is to strengthen the capacity of civil society to play its role in society as watchdog, to hold those in power accountable, and to lobby and advocate for the interests of citizens. The partnership aims to contribute to strengthening the social contract between citizens and the state and social cohesion in fragile contexts, with legitimate and effective policies, systems and practices providing citizens with security and justice, responsive services, and economic opportunities. To maximise impact, enhance southern leadership and ensure the meaningful inclusion of women, youth and IDPs, the Just Future works in these three interconnected areas:

  • People-centred security
  • Access to justice
  • Inclusive political decision-making and peace processes

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